Funny River, Alaska


Worship – 11:00 am
Adult Bible Study – 9:30 am
Sunday School – 9:30 am

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Welcome to our church’s website. We are glad you visited to find out what is going on at Funny River Community Lutheran Church. Our hope and prayer is that you might also visit us.

A church isn’t a building. It is the worshipping community that regularly gathers to receive God’s gifts of word and sacrament and then leaves to express their faith throughout the week in serving God and neighbor in their workplace, school, community and home.

If you are looking for a group of perfect people, you will need to look elsewhere. We are a group of sinners who are in the process of being transformed by God’s love. We invite those who are willing to admit with us that we need God’s forgiveness and are in turn willing to forgive and love others.

Our church isn’t like many today that is trying to conform it’s teaching to society’s changing norms about right and wrong. Our foundation for what we teach and confess is God’s Word (the Bible) that both shows all of us our sinfulness (selfishness) and God’s forgiveness and love.

If you want to meet a “funny” group of Christians, come on over and visit us.


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Christmas Eve Candle Light

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