What to expect when you visit . . .

Andy announcing

What are the worship services like?

We have traditional Lutheran services with the entire service printed out in the worship bulletin. The church loves to sing.

There is a children's message included in the Sunday services, where the children are invited up front for an object lesson with the pastor. There are also children’s “bulletins” and activity bags for young children.

What is the church community like?

We have a multigenerational congregation with many retirees in the summer months. The people are friendly and enjoy visitors. We always have either a potluck or refreshments after the service that all are welcome enjoy.

What if I'm not a Christian?

We offer classes on the basics of the Christian faith. We invite you to admit with us that we are sinners in need of God's grace and forgiveness and receive God's gift of forgiveness of sins offered in Holy Baptism. The message affirms this gift of forgiveness through the suffering and death of God's Son, Jesus Christ.

What about Holy Communion?

Visitors are encouraged to speak with Pastor Carlson before the worship service begins regarding their participation in Holy Communion.

Are children welcome?

Children of all ages are welcome at FRCLC. Families with children are encouraged to sit toward the front so that children can see what is happening. They will be invited to come to the altar area for a special children's message. They are also welcome to attend Sunday school classes.